Singer-songwriter Jess Nolan has released her new single 'Mistakes.'

Singer-songwriter Jess Nolan has released her new single 'Mistakes.'

Courtesy of Brave PR

Singer and songwriter Jess Nolan is releasing another new single called "Here We Go Again." The single, with a powerful message about important issues facing modern America, is now available on iTunes.

In an exclusive email statement to AXS, Nolan explained that her new single "is all about grief for our country. It's about repeating the cycle of fear and oppression in our nation’s history. It was written the day after [President Donald] Trump got elected. I was thinking of pressing issues our nation faces, like gun violence. It has a reflective tone and wishes for a better tomorrow; a tomorrow with no more police brutality, no more mass shootings or violence and pain."

Originally from New Jersey, Nolan is currently based in Nashville and is continuing to develop her voice, both metaphorically and literally. According to her official biography, Nolan is a graduate of the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, where she attended the Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program. In 2016, she won the grand prize in BMI's Music City Big Break Competition, and last year the Nashville Music Industry Association Awards named her their Best R&B/Soul Performer.

While she's picked up some significant accolades in a relatively short time, the most impressive thing about Jess Nolan is what she has to say, and "Here We Go Again" firmly establishes her as a songwriter with a purpose. The song treats its subject matter with the seriousness it demands, but her vocals are also perfectly on point, being somber without becoming melodramatic. She's serious, but not bleak and hopeful, yet also respectful.

"Here We Go Again" follows the Nov. 24 release of Nolan's earlier single "Mistakes." You can listen to that song by playing the embedded media here. Her debut EP, entitled Strike A Match, was dropped in 2016. Per the single's accompanying press release, both "Here We Go Again" and "Mistakes" are part of a new project still in the works, but music fans looking for something topical and thought-provoking will want to give this latest single a listen today.

"Here We Go Again" is now available on ITunes. Jess Nolan does not currently have any tour dates scheduled, but for announcements of future dates and for more on Jess Nolan, visit her official website.