John Legend's 'La La Land' Oscar medley now available for purchase and streaming
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One of the inarguable high points of the 2017 Academy Awards was John Legend’s sublime medley of the La La Land soundtrack’s pair of Oscar-nominated songs. Now, thanks to Interscope Records, fans can purchase Legend’s chill-inducing rendition of “City of Stars” and “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” is now available as a single. The single version of the medley is a studio version that features an orchestral arrangement by La La Land composer and newly-minted Oscar winner Justin Hurwitz.  

La La Land fans should also check out La La Land: The Complete Musical Experience. The album is an expanded edition of La La Land: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack that contains all 13 songs from the original release of the soundtrack as well as 28 previously unreleased tracks. More of the new songs are Hurwitz performances, but it all features selections by jazz great Thelonious Monk, classic pop artist D.A. Wallach and singer-songwriter Eddie Wakes.

La La Land: The Complete Musical Experience full tracklist.

1. “Another Day of Sun (With Radios)” - La La Land Cast

2.”Mia Gets Home” - Justin Hurwitz

3. “Bathroom Mirror / You're Coming Right?” - Justin Hurwitz

4.  “Someone in the Crowd” - Emma Stone, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno, and Jessica Rothe

5. “Classic Rope-a-Dope” - Justin Hurwitz

6. “Japanese Folk Song” - Thelonious Monk

7. “Deck the Halls” - Justin Hurwitz

8. “Mia & Sebastian's Theme” - Justin Hurwitz

9. “Take On Me” - D.A. Wallach

10. “I Ran”- D.A. Wallach

11. “Stroll up the Hill” - Justin Hurwitz

12. “A Lovely Night” - Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

13. “There the Whole Time / Twirl” - Justin Hurwitz

14. “Bogart & Bergman” - Justin Hurwitz

15. “Mia Hates Jazz” - Justin Hurwitz

16. “Herman's Habit” - Justin Hurwitz

17. “Rialto at Ten” - Justin Hurwitz

18. “City of Stars” - Ryan Gosling

19. “Rialto” - Justin Hurwitz

20. “Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Late for the Date)” - Justin Hurwitz

21. “Planetarium” - Justin Hurwitz

22. “Holy Hell!” - Justin Hurwitz

23. “Summer Montage / Madeline” - Justin Hurwitz

24. “It Pays” - Justin Hurwitz

25. “Chicken on a Stick” - Justin Hurwitz

26. “Messengers Rehearsal” - The Messengers

27. “City of Stars / May Finally Come True” - Justin Hurwitz, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone

28. “Start a Fire” - John Legend

29. “Chinatown” - Justin Hurwitz

30. “Surprise” - Justin Hurwitz

31. “Boise” - Justin Hurwitz

32. “Missed the Play” - Justin Hurwitz

33. “It's Over / Engagement Party” - Justin Hurwitz

34. “The House in Front of the Library” - Justin Hurwitz

35. “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” - Emma Stone

36. “You Love Jazz Now” - Justin Hurwitz

37. “Cincinnati” - Justin Hurwitz

38. “Epilogue” - Justin Hurwitz

39. “The End” - Justin Hurwitz

40. “Credits”  - Justin Hurwitz

41. “City of Stars (Humming)” (featuring Emma Stone) - Justin Hurwitz

42. “Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Celesta)” - Justin Hurwitz

43. “Silent Night” - Eddie Wakes

44. “Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (Studio Version)” – Emma Stone