John Mayer Drops 'The Search for Everything' Wave One EP
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Today is a day John Mayer fans can raise their hands and rejoice. The Grammy-winning objection of their affection has released his first crop of new music in three years with The Search for Everything Wave One. The four-song EP boasts the record’s debut single “Love on the Weekend” plus three more songs. Mayer has promised “more to come” in a rather soft-spoken tweet:

“My heart’s racing. These songs represent literally hundreds of hours of living inside of these little worlds. And more to come,” he said.

This wave marks the first of several monthly releases until the album is dropped in full. Can we get a little “Hallelujah!” out there?

Mayer has been brewing these songs for quite some time. He credited the “Continuum” crew for their work on this record, giving Twitter shout outs to Steve Jordan, Pino Palladino, Chad Franscoviak and Martin Pradler. As well as calling out mixing help from Manny Marroquin and Greg Calbi for mastering.

By now we all now “Love on the Weekend” is a fun, upbeat song about looking forward to sharing the weekend with your sweetheart. Brace yourselves, though, for more serious reflection from Mayer in the rest of the tracks. “Moving On and Getting Over” has a great bluesy groove and is just what the song suggests. Mayer talks about moving on from a really important love. He sings, “You’ve been gone, I’m growing older/But I still can’t seem to get you off my mind/And I do believe I feel you all the time.”

Mayer ruminates about aging in “Changing” and insists “I may be old and I may be young/But I am not done changing.” He muses on lost love again throughout the mellow tune saying, “Sometimes I wonder if you’ll be the one/When I am done changing.”

Hopeless romantics everywhere will want to grab a Kleenex before diving into “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.” It’s a sad song which mourns loss of a forever kind of love, one that will live in your heart whether you are together or apart. A soft, lonely whistle floats through the opening piano melody. He sings “Parts of me were made by you/And planets keep their distance too/The moon’s got a grip on the sea/And you’re gonna live forever in me/I guarantee, it’s your destiny.” Sniff, sniff.

Overall, these first new songs from his tenth studio album present a wiser, more brooding John Mayer, who’s pausing to reflect on love and life as he approaches a milestone 40th birthday. In short, they’re brilliant – and we really didn’t expect anything less.

The Search for Everything Wave One is available for download and streaming via all digital retailers:

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