John Stamos, Mark McGrath and Mike Love remake 'Do It Again' video by the Beach Boys
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Beach Boy Mike Love enlists John Stamos and Mark McGrath in a video homage to the Beach Boys’ hit “Do It Again”, which a July 18, 2017 Rolling Stone article calls “organic and perfect and fantastic.” The video is a remake of the classic 1968 hit by the Beach Boys.

Love teamed up with “Full House” star John Stamos and “Extra” host Mark McGrath or the updated take on the classic, which was directed by Stamos. The trio sings in a white room, focusing upon the trio and some archived footage of the original Beach Boys. The video is attached for your enjoyment.

"The whole song's about getting together with old friends and sharing good times and talking about the old times," Love told Billboard, in a July 18, 2017 article.  “That fact that here we are decades later, recreating it with old friends, having a great time -- it doesn't get much more organic and perfect and fantastic than that."  Love co-wrote “Do It Again” with his cousin Brian Wilson,

The recording was released for the Beach Boys’ Fourth of July performance for the PBS special “A Capitol Fourth” in Washington, D.C. The video was filmed at the group’s hotel during an afternoon, conveying a sense of fun.

Actor John Stamos is a longtime pal of the Beach Boys and adjunct member, according to Billboard. Stamos directed the video and played the drums.

Love, 74, is the only original Beach Boy currently touring under the group’s name. The band last released new material with the album That’s Why God Made the Radio for the 50th anniversary in 2012. Love told Billboard there are no plans for more new music. He prefers the idea of re-recording some of the band’s favorite songs.

The Beach Boys with Mike Love is currently touring the United States. Tickets to select shows are available on AXS