Josh Taerk shares exclusive advance stream of new EP, 'Stages'
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Trying to relive the memories of the rock 'n' roll music of his youth, Canadian-raised musician Josh Taerk, was raised on some of the best classic rock musicians to live his quest. Storytellers like musicians Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and the late Tom Petty are definitely worth trying to emulate. Springsteen's own drummer, Max Weinberg, took note of Taerk's performance when he was playing a local venue in his hometown of Toronto.

Taerk has had many incredible music opportunities with renowned and popular musicians. These include touring with Robin Trower of Procol Harum, Kevin Costner & Modern West, and several headlining shows in his hometown. He was praised by critics and fans as a Top 5 Live Act in 2015, and has heard his music played in rotation on radio in the UK and internationally. 

Weinberg, Springsteen's drummer, invited him on-stage to play with him onstage to pay tribute to the late Clarence Clemons at Summerfest, as noted in a recent bio. Due to his indelible talent, Taerk has been invited to play on-stage by other notable musicians like John Oates of the famed Hall & Oates, and others.

Taerk is soon-to-please again with his new EP Stages, out today. AXS is streaming the EP in its entirety, and when asked what the EP means to him, he says that "I picked the name Stages for this EP because of the different stages of my writing, the different stages of my career, the stages I get to play on night after night, and the many stages of my life so far. All of these different stages have contributed to who I am and have shaped the songs I write.”