Original Turbo album cover art

Original Turbo album cover art

Image provided by Judas Priest

Maniacs listen up, British metal Gods Judas Priest are set to release the remastered reissue of their tenth studio album Turbo Fri, Feb 3, 2017 in celebration of the landmark album’s 30th anniversary . Pre-orders are available today. This time around there will be three CDs, which include the original album and two bonus discs. A 1LP 150g vinyl is available as well. First released in 1986, Turbo 30 features the classic Priest tracks “Turbo Lover,” “Parental Guidance” and “Locked In.” Disc two and three of the CD set features previously unreleased live recordings from the band’s May 22, 1986 tour stop for Turbo called ‘Live in Kansas City.’ AXS was fortunate to receive a copy to preview and have been banging our head while singing along to Priest songs ever since. Be warned, the energy of this album is addictive and contagious.

The 80s were arguably the best decade for heavy metal music and Judas Priest powered their way into new territory on Turbo.  With the belief that there are no boundaries in metal, Judas Priest’s used their creativity to take the technical advantages that had become available at the time to push their sound forward.  Turbo exhibits the range of the band and captures the energy they infuse in their material. The original album was recorded in 1984 at Compass Point Studios in Nassau and was produced by Tom Allom. Remastering took place at Black Saloon Studios by Mandy Parnell.

In 1986 the Fuel For Life tour perfectly encapsulated the over the top sensibilities of the era and the decadence of the times. The live recording from Kansas is pure Priest delight, high octane, fist pumping, devil horn raising metal taken to the next level for sure. Judas Priest live never disappoint, the band continues to bring it to each and every performance to this day, but there is something magical about getting to step into the pit back in ’86 and roll around for a while. The recording is crisp and clean and the band’s performance is wicked tight.

Visit the Judas Priest website now to pre-order Turbo 30 CD set. Merchandise bundles are available as well, featuring prints, t-shirts and the vinyl LP. Follow Judas Priest on Facebook and Twitter.