Julian Casablancas' The Voidz unveil society's ills in 'Pyramid of Bones' music video
The Voidz / YouTube

Julian Casablancas' The Voidz premiered the music video for "Pyramid of Bones" on March 29. The guys see the ills of society in the new clip.

"Pyramid of Bones" is one of the songs on Virtue, the new album by The Voidz. It's the third one to receive a video following the old school-styled clips for the funky "All Wordz Are Made Up" and the electro-rock banger "QYURRYUS" where Casablancas has a "Monster Mash"-inspired dialog moment. Compared to the past tracks, "Pyramid" is the heaviest and the most in-line with the band's last album, Tyranny. The guys shred on the song as Julian unleashes his inner monster. "I'm a devil / I'm a villain," he sings. It's more deep messaging from The Voidz unveiled in an awesomely aggressive anthem.

The monster Casablancas details in "Pyramid of Bones" comes to life in the music video. The Voidz find themselves in a cave under a cult-like trance. The guys are exposed to cartoon visuals that look pristine at first but then reveal society's dark side. Police brutality, political special interests and consuming consumerism are just some of the topics tackled in the tell-tale clip.

"Pyramid of Bones" along with Virtue are now available on iTunes and Apple Music. For Record Store Day on April 21, The Voidz will be releasing the "QYURRYUS" single on vinyl with the special B-side "Coul as a Ghoul."