Justin Bieber's top 10 best songs

Justin Bieber is a superstar that you either love to infinity or hate to a high degree. Wherever you stand on Bieber, you can’t deny the fact that he is one of pop music’s greatest acts. Coming almost out of nowhere in 2007, Bieber has amassed a number of great singles in his nine-year run of dominance on the charts, and as we continue to countdown the Top 10 song by music’s biggest names, here are Justin Bieber’s 10 best tracks, and maybe, just maybe, this list will have you believing in Bieber.

10. “One Less Lonely Girl

It’s kind one weird listening to “One Less Lonely Girl.” Bieber’s child-like vocals is a sharp contrast to the adult vocals that he employs today; but “One Less Lonely Girl” was one of the Canadian’s earlier hits, and one that still has the charm it did when it was first released.

9. “One Time

Another big hit from the My World LP was “One Time,” which if you didn’t hear of the singer back then you would have mistaken him for a member of a girl group. Despite his child-like vocals, he was really advanced in the ethos of pop music, and “One Time” was a perfect showcase for the sound he would soon ride to stardom on.

8. “Beauty and a Beat

“Beauty and a Beat” is a sharp contrast from the first two songs on this list. Bieber’s voice changed a lot in 2012, but he didn’t lose that passion for heartfelt pop music, and “Beauty and a Beat,” which featured Nicki Minaj, is a soulful pop single that should be among the Bieber’s best.

7. “Right Here

From Nicki Minaj to Drake, everybody wanted to work with Justin Bieber, who was on top of the pop world in 2012. Drake got the chance to collaborate with the singer on “Right Here,” and it is here where you can fully hear Bieber’s transition from being a teen pop star to being a mature pop-star wit R&B leanings.

6. “As Long As You Love Me

Believe is one of the best pop albums ever made. Despite your feelings about Bieber, you have to agree that this album was tight from start to finish, and what added to the sheer depth of this LP was the guest stars who, while not outshining Bieber, deliver a sterling contribution that matches both images. “As Long As You Love Me” features Big Sean, and the beat is perfect for Sean’s sound, and, and the same time, show’s off Bieber’s vocal depth, which is simply amazing.

5. “Mistletoe

Artists rarely make Christmas albums these days as they’re not chart generator. But Bieber made a holiday LP at the time his career was blowing up, and it was a huge hit. Though most of the songs on Under the Mistletoe were standard holiday jingles, the one that stands out was “Mistletoe,” which gave audiences a glimpse of the adult material that Bieber was about to shift to on 2012’s massive Believe.

4. “Boyfriend

Though Justin Bieber was, and still is, considered a pop artist, his main love was R&B. It showed in spades on Believe, his ginormous 2012 LP that had the dripping syrup of R&B all over it, especially on the track “Boyfriend,” which became a huge hit for the Bieb’s and a fantastic slice of modern day R&B that few artist of the genre can aspire to.

3. “Baby

In 2010, Bieber still had that teen-popish voice that screamed bubblegum pop. But on My World 2.0, you could hear the shift in sound Bieber was beginning to embark on. “Baby” was one of those tracks that showed his vitality and creativity as an artist, as though it’s coated in sugar pop, the track also has a nice R&B flavor to it that hooked fans young and old.

2. “Somebody to Love

“Somebody to Love” found Justin Bieber strolling a bit into the EDM world with the backbeat, and though this single could have gone horribly wrong, it turned out to be one of Bieber’s biggest hits of his career and one of his best cuts ever put to wax. “Somebody to Love” is a single that isn’t all pop, but isn’t all R&B as well. It’s a mix of both, and oh, what a beautiful mix it was.

1. “Love Yourself

Though Believe is still being considered Justin Bieber’s most essential LP, Purpose is quickly making a run at that title, and “Love Yourself” is carrying the way. Though Bieber has a plethora of huge hits under his belt, “Love Yourself” is a heartfelt, simple song that in just short-order is considered his best single.

Justin Bieber is still on top of the world, and his blending of genres and soulful tenor is what is, and will continue, to keep the Bieber’s on top for a very long time.