Justin Bieber sued by man who claims star smashed his phone
FOX 4 News - Dallas-Fort Worth/YouTube

Justin Bieber is the subject of a $100,000 lawsuit that alleges the singer destroyed another party-goer’s cell phone while the two were at a nightclub last month. The plaintiff, Robert Earl Morgan, is claiming he sustained property damage stemming from the incident. This is not the first time Bieber has been the defendant in legal proceedings.

In a complaint filed May 3, 2015 with the Harris County court, Robert Earl Morgan contends he filmed Justin Bieber guzzling from a beer bong while at the popular nightspot, Clé Houston. When Bieber could not finish the entire hit, beer spilled onto the star’s shirt. Apparently, that’s when the heartthrob noticed Morgan was videotaping the event. According to Billboard, Morgan charges that Bieber, who was furious, “grabbed the phone and smashed it into pieces.” TMZ reports the Biebs had “Brewski all over his clothes and face.”

After the brush-up with Bieber, the phone’s SIM card was never given back to Morgan. He claims valuable information was on that memory card, including business contacts. That loss is now costing him money. Also gone is an array of irreplaceable videos and personal photographs as well as the pictures from his grandmother’s 100th birthday.

The incident with Morgan is only the latest in a string of lawsuits involving Justin Bieber. On May 3, Bieber was in Virginia regarding settlement negotiations concerning a copyright lawsuit and the song “Somebody to Love.” Bieber also recently settled a 2012 lawsuit that alleged he kicked and punched a photographer. In 2014, a paparazzo in Miami filed a similar complaint saying he was roughed up by one of Bieber’s bodyguards.