K-pop group BTS release their own cosmetics line

These days, musicians dabble in any industry that is not their own. Kanye West has his Yeezy clothing line, Diddy has his vodka, so it is only fitting that the international k-pop sensation, BTS join in on the action. It was recently reported that BTS will be collaborating with VT Cosmetics to release a cosmetics line.

The cosmetic line, called "BTS x VT Essence" will come in seven (for each member of the group) different shades—blue, yellow, grey, white, green, purple and pink—and will not just focus on being a makeup brand, but a skin protectant as well. Each makeup pallet will contain sunscreen—just in time for summer.

“BTS x VT Essence Sunpact is targetted towards people in their teens and twenties utilizing BTS’s 4 million fans world wide through the collaboration," VT Cosmetics personnel stated

It will be no surprise if this product sells out almost immediately. BTS fans are one of a kind, and just this week, fans celebrated the groups four year anniversary worldwide. Check out some of the things they did to honor and congratulate them here