K-pop star Kim Jong-hyun of SHINee dies at age 27
Kpop Corn/YouTube

South Korean K-pop star Kim Jong-hyun has died at 27 years old. As USA Today reported, the singer was found unconscious by police in a residence hotel in Seoul and later pronounced dead. USA Today also reported that charcoal briquettes, which produce carbon monoxide, were found in a frying pan in the apartment and that Kim’s death appeared to be a suicide. 

Police were alerted to the situation by Kim’s sister who received texts from her brother saying “Please let me go. Tell me I did well,” and “Final farewell,” according to The Telegraph. An official cause of death, however, has yet to be revealed.

Kim, better known as Jonghyun, fronted the popular K-pop group SHINee, whose members were often referred to as the “princes of K-pop.” Kim had also recently embarked on a solo career as a singer-songwriter with his 2016 solo debut She Is hitting #1 on the Korean charts. Kim’s last concert was a two-night stand in Seoul Dec. 9 & 10 entitled “Inspired.”