K30: Celebrating 30 years of Kylie Minogue with her top 10 singles
Kylie Minogue / YouTube

Australian superstar Kylie Minogue debuted on the music scene 30 years ago with the release of "Locomotion" on July 28, 1987. The "Neighbors" actress became a bonafide pop star the following year when the single achieved worldwide success.

Contrary to Willa Ford's beliefs, Kylie kept at it in her homeland and the U.K. with hit albums like two self-titled ones and Enjoy Yourself throughout the late '80s and '90s. 2001's Fever would mark Minogue's return to global prominence and put her back on the American radar, winning the singer Best Dance Recording at the 2004 Grammy Awards.

Kylie didn't slow down, despite a lower profile in the U.S., continuing to put out memorable records like 2003's Body Language, 2010's Aphrodite and most recently 2013's Kiss Me Once. Like Madonna before her, Minogue has been a queen of dance floor reinvention over the decades. In honor of K30 (30 years of Minogue's music), here's a look back at Kylie's top 10 singles.

10. "I Should Be So Lucky" / Kylie (1988)

Following the massive success of "Locomotion," Minogue released "I Should Be So Lucky" as her first original single. It was pure '80s pop at its perkiest with Kylie daydreaming about getting closer to a crush. "But dreaming's all I do / If only they'd come true," she sang. Her high hopes for something more made Minogue all the more charming. "Lucky" is still such a lovely listen.

9. "Better the Devil You Know" / Rhythm of Love (1990)

Minogue's infectious pop met the perfect match of house music on 1990's "Better the Devil You Know." Atop stuttering beats, Kylie vocally dug deep to detail an infatuation with a rocky romance that kept her coming back for more. "I'll forgive and forget if you say you'll never go," she belted. She turned an antiquated saying into a devilishly delightful dance track.   

8. "Never Too Late" / Enjoy Yourself (1989)

Apparently Minogue was in a forgiving mood in the late '80s and early '90s because on "Never Too Late," she was once again giving a fool a second chance. Bright, disco-inflected beats backed Kylie as she crooned, "It's never too late / We still got time / It's never too late / You can still be mine." A love-blinded Minogue made for one heck of a pop stunner.

7. "Get Outta My Way" / Aphrodite (2010)

2010's Aphrodite proved to be Minogue's sleekest, synth-iest album. Kylie broke through the pop gloss on the "Get Outta My Way," her fierce and fabulous warning to a guy that "ain't giving [his] girl what she needs." Minogue defiantly sang, "Get outta my way / Got no more to say / He's taking your your place." She wielded her womanhood with authority on this cutting club anthem.

6. "Locomotion" / Kylie (1988)

"Locomotion" was the song that started it all for Minogue. Her '80s-tastic cover put the Little Eva classic into overdrive with Kylie as the new conductor. She got the world's rears into gear on the dance floor with commands delivered with charm. "Jump up / Jump back / Well, I think you got the knack," she sang. "Locomotion" set in motion Kylie's career as one of dance music's go-to artists.  

5. "Into the Blue" / Kiss Me Once (2013)

Ahead of the current trop-pop trend, Minogue made a splash with 2013's "Into the Blue." Rising producer Mike Del Rio blended ringing synths with symphonic strings. On Kylie's classiest affair, she cut loose from the damsel-in-distress shtick. "When I got my back up against the wall / I don't need no one to rescue me," she belted. "Blue" remains a beautifully bold statement in her discography.

4. "Can't Get You Out of My Head" / Fever (2001)

Minogue came back with a pop vengeance on 2001's "Can't Get You Out of My Head," which returned the pop star to worldwide prominence. The futuristic slice of electronica was appropriately-titled with a sweet melody and repetitive lyrics that were absolutely inescapable. Kylie seamlessly infiltrated the airwaves at the time with this hypnotic club cut.

3. "In My Arms" / X (2007)

Before he was hot property, Minogue hooked up with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris on 2007's "In My Arms." The producer supplied her with dazzling synths as she brought the Technicolor love song to life. "How does it feel in my arms?" Kylie asked. Calvin's rush of electro-pop was the best soundscape for Minogue's soaring performance. "Arms" is still an irresistible offering.

2. "Timebomb" / "Timebomb" single (2012)

Minogue kicked off the K25 celebration in 2012 with "Timebomb," a sonic blast of grimy electronica. The world at the time was facing impending doom according to the Mayans so Kylie turned the bleak news into a thrilling dance track. "It's not the end of the world / It's just the start of me and you," she cleverly cooed. 25 years into her career and "Timebomb" was proof that Minogue wasn't slowing down.

1. "Slow" / Body Language (2003)

"Slow" remains Minogue's most alluring single with its fine mix of synths and sex. In a breathy performance, she hit her sultry stride while inviting the guy of her eye onto the dance floor. "Don't wanna rush it / Let the rhythm pull you in / It's here so touch it / You know what I'm saying," Kylie crooned. The slinky and pulsating "Slow" was Minogue's moment of electronic ecstasy unleashed.