Kacey Musgraves gets amazing gift from her hometown
Kacey Musgraves VEVO/YouTube

The small town of Mineola in Texas had an amazing gift waiting for Kacey Musgraves. The country music star’s hometown prepared the surprise because she did the Hometown Hang benefit. It raised money for the Wood County school system by helping the art and music programs. Musgraves was not expecting the town to arrange a gift.

The Lake Country Classic Car Club and the City of Mineola joined forces to fix up the country star’s old car. She posted a picture of the vehicle on her Instagram account and thanked everyone who was involved for the gift. Musgraves’ 1967 Mustang was no longer running, but the Lake Country Classic Car Club was able to restore it in secret. Musgraves shared that she had not been able to use the car during the last seven years.

The 1967 Mustang was originally a high school project for the music star and her father. However, she has not been able to devote time to the car because of her music career. Now, the car has been restored to perfect condition. Mineola also presented Musgraves with a key to the city. Her hometown is grateful that she has not forgotten about her roots and has returned to help.

Mineola has an estimated population of 4,500 people, so Musgraves’ talent and career is one of the highlights for the town. The country star decided that the Hometown Hang benefit would be the perfect way to raise money and awareness for the local school system. She performed at the special show and also attended the live auction. Musgraves believes it is important that the schools maintain their art and music programs, so she does not want money to be an issue. She hopes her benefit will help preserve these programs in the Wood County school system.