Kacey Musgraves shares her #LoveSong to help patients with Alzheimer's
Scott Ferguson

The nonprofit Music & Memory designs personalized playlists to help patients suffering from Alzheimer's recover cherished memories. The organization is currently asking people to share their personal favorite #LoveSong for a good cause, two things Kacey Musgraves knows quite a bit about. 

Musgraves' love song of choice is her very own “Late to the Party," which she says "kind of reminds me of this moment with my grandpa when we were rushing to the red carpet. I dedicate this song to him, Darrell Musgraves." 

Other artists who support Music & Memory include Elvis Costello, Carole King and Kenny Chesney. Join these superstars in helping someone with Alzheimer's or dementia by sharing a picture that represents your favorite #LoveSong. With every photo shared, a song is donated to someone in need.