Kaleido unveil their 'Experience'
Luxor Records

Detroit-based rock band Kaleido have just unleashed their debut full-length album Experience. The 13-track release both captures the band's energy and spirit, as well as showcases their wide diversity as they move from hard core rockers to slow ballads with hints of electronic, reggae and funk.

Kaleido is a five-piece band consisting of the fiery Christina Chriss on vocals, talented Joey Fava on drums, laid-back Ronnie Rosolino on rhythm guitar, dynamic Cody Morales on bass and newest member, Zach Bolling, on lead guitar, who has fit in seamlessly.

Formed in 2011, the band has released two EPs: their self-titled 2012 release and the 2014 Unbreakable. They've toured the country playing shows with everyone from Alien Ant Farm and Kid Rock to Aerosmith and Ace Frehley and hitting festivals like the Vans Warped Tour and Rockstar Uproar Festival. They are currently out on the road with Letters From The Fire and Through Fire opening for Seether's Poison the Parish Tour.

Now the band is looking to spread the word even further with Experience as their siren call. The album features a impressive array of high-energy tracks alongside a couple of strong ballads and interspersed with some musical interludes.

The album opens with a intro that features a descent into the "Kaleido experience" before kicking into "Blue Collar Delight", which features a modern day take on the classic Detroit rock and roll sound. The track celebrates the working class ethic that the city thrives on.

The hard-hitting rock continues with "No More Little Miss Nice Bitch", which allows Chriss to let her assertive personality shine, which rolls on with the next funky track "On One". That is followed up by the band's current single "Die Tryin'", a powerful rock anthem that keeps rolling around in your head long after you hear it.

The first single from the album was the electronic/reggae hit "Trouble In Paradise", which relies heavily on a mix of drums and bass and carries the listener on a journey that ends with a bang. As the album moves on, the melodic "Balcony" leads into the shining dual vocals on "Love & War", where Chriss teams up with Alien Ant Farm's Dryden Mitchell.

The album slows things down at the end with "All Together", a soaring guitar-driven ballad that explores the ending of a relationship before winding down with the appropriately named "The End", which is a powerful ballad built around the idea of finding a way to get away from the person bringing you down and not being guilty by association.  The track builds strength throughout and explodes at the end with Chriss showcasing her wide range of vocal abilities. 

Experience creates a unique trip that listeners will want to take over and over again. Kaleido's hard work certainly seems to have paid off.