Kanye apologizes to Drake in Twitter spree
RAP / YouTube

Feuds between rap stars are nothing new. Right now, there is a major feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly that Eminem compounded with a diss track on a new album. However, when it comes to the problems between Kanye West and Drake, it seems like those are ending.

There have been problems between Kanye and Drake stretching back a few months due to West getting involved in feuds between Drake and Pusha-T. This really started when Pusha-T released a song "The Story of Adidon," which was about Drake's son.

Pusha-T had already released a song that continued to slam Drake for alleged ghostwriting claims. Drake responded with a diss track called "Duppy Freestyle" and that resulted in "The Story of Adidon." The basis for that last song was the allegations that Drake had a child with a model and was a deadbeat who was hiding his son.

In his apology to Drake, which Kanye left on Twitter, West said that he never fed Pusha-T any information about Drake's son and said that he won't ever bring someone's kids into anything. Kanye also apologized for the controversy involving thoughts that Kanye stepped on Drake's release date to try to hurt his sales -- saying that was not the purpose.

Kanye West then said he has love for both Pusha-T and Drake and then promised that he will go to one of Drake's concerts in the next week to give him love.