Kanye West fans think Paul McCartney is a lucky man
Paul McCartney YouTube Channel

According to Celebrity News at Yahoo and ABC News, Kanye West fans think that Sir Paul McCartney is a lucky man. They believe that Kanye has taken Paul under his wing to give his career a boost. This past weekend, Twitter blew up when Kanye fans were tweeting that Paul was a lucky guy and that Kanye was giving him a music career by putting him in the spotlight.

It truly makes you wonder what this world is coming too when the younger generation actually has no idea who Paul McCartney or the Beatles are. McCartney responded to the Twitter blow up by saying:

Hopefully, some or most of those tweets were jokes, but you just never know. Is our youth so unknowledgeable about one of the greatest living legends in music? The song the West fans are tweeting about is “Only One”, which is a song about Kanye’s daughter North and dedicated to his deceased mother and was released on New Year’s Eve, reaching No. 3 on iTunes in less than two days reports The Wrap.com.

Let’s flip the script here and think about this a moment. Maybe West fans should be thanking McCartney for collaborating with their guy so that millions of McCartney fans, who might not know who Kanye is, might actually listen to one of his songs. In any event, this crossover pairing will bring attention to both artists and introduce these guys, whose different generations of fans, might actually listen to and appreciate this new genre of music.