Kanye West interviews designer Axel Vervoordt, says he's working on a philosophy book
KanyeWestVEVO / YouTube

Kanye West always does anything he can to keep his name and face in the public eye and many times that involves doing things that no one expects him to do. His latest endeavor involved interviewing his own design collaborator Axel Vervoordt for The Hollywood Reporter as well as announcing that he is writing a philosophy book.

As spoken like only Kanye West can say it, the rap superstar said that he no longer wants to be number one but instead he wants to be "water." 

Vervoordt helped Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian design their estate and the two men seem to be on the same page. At the age of 70, Vervoordt refers to himself as an "art dealer, Curator and Designer." He has not only worked as a designer for Kanye and Kardashian but he has also worked with rock icon Sting and acting legend Robert De Niro.

The two men talked about how they met and the influences that they share. Kanye West also took the time to reveal that he is writing a new philosophy book called "Break the Simulation." According to Kanye, it is more about a concept about humans obsessed with photographs because of how it takes people out of the present and instead is just about documenting memories.