Julie Kedzie hopes for more diverse representation on the MMAAA board

Julie Kedzie hopes for more diverse representation on the MMAAA board

Photo by Eric Holden

Judging by their comments on Twitter, UFC fighter Leslie "The Peacemaker" Smith and Invicta FC matchmaker Julie Kedzie are both pleased by the formation of the MMA Athletes Association.

Smith praised the group and the fighters' rights movement as "awesome," while Kedzie offered up some kind words for the athletes who created the organization. The legendary women's MMA pioneer said MMA Athletes Association (MMAAA) creators Georges St-Pierre, Tim Kennedy, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, Cain Velasquez and T.J. Dillashaw are extremely courageous for putting their own careers on the line by standing up for all fighters in the battle for fair revenue sharing from the UFC.

The only thing is, Smith and Kedzie both added that they would like to see more diverse representation -- a female presence -- on the MMAAA board. "The Peacemaker" even offered up her services, writing that she would like to join the men in their fight. Should the group take note of Kedzie and Smith's comments? Absolutely. Both are extremely intelligent and very well-respected in the MMA community. 

Additionally, they make a great point. With so many women competing inside the UFC, it would make sense for the group to have some female representation on its board. The MMAAA, which officially emerged earlier this week following months of planning, is a group of current and former fighters who will be battling in the years ahead to get more of the UFC's profits to the men and women who compete inside the cage.

It's quite an interesting, yet uncertain, time to be an MMA athlete at the highest level. Most UFC fighters earn far less than the athletes in the NFL, NBA and NHL. The hope is that the MMAAA will help get the fighters more of the money they help generate for the UFC, and bring them up to the level of some of the other pro sports leagues out there.