Kelela turns into a 'Sims' character in new video for 'Frontline'


R&B Singer Kelela breaks “Frontline” as her first track release from her Take Me Apart album in a way that is taking notice. Kelela combines 3D technology with a solid R&B track resulting in a unique high-tech video of its kind. The music flows in a colorful, animated music video telling the story of a break up. According to Rolling Stone, she came up with the idea with Mischa Notcutt with animation by Claudia Mate..

Kelela appears from the top of the video as a Sims character with 3D braids, as she confronts her Sims boyfriend to tell him their relationship is over. The moment is enhanced with a close up shot on a digital tear flowing down her face.  The video continues as we see her character leave in a Mercedes Benz rolling on the highway complete with a pink steering wheel. We see her Sims character driving with her braids flying in the wind as she sings about walking away from the man she loves. As the video continues, we see the boyfriend open his hand looking at the animated key that Kelela returned to him.