Kelly Clarkson: 5 reasons we fell in love with her

Kelly Clarkson has been around for 13 years now and she's one of pop music's most gifted singers. With six studio albums, a holiday record and a greatest hits under her belt, it's easy to see why she has continued success with the incredible drive she's had to make her career what it is today. AXS is looking at five reasons why we love her.

She has an explosive voice

Kelly Clarkson's voice is no doubt the reason she is so successful. As she's aged her voice has become more fluent and her lows are husky and sexy while her high notes are soulful and powerful. Even when she's not at the top of her game, she still manages to improvise and blow us away with her genuine talent.

She's not afraid to say no

Early in Kelly Clarkson's career, she was a workhorse that tired her out. She later learned that it's her career and that she can say no. Clarkson does not like to be told what to do because she has a vision for her life and works to achieve it on her terms.

She's not afraid to stand up for her music

Clarkson's current album Piece by Piece and her previous album Stronger were her easiest to make due to changes at the label and the team investing in who she is. It wasn't always that way. In 2007, she publicly feuded with Clive Davis over the direction of her third album My December. While he tried every trick in the book to make her change or replace five songs to be more radio friendly, Clarkson stood her ground citing it was one album out of many and that she needed it for her. She rejected $10 million to change the album because she needed it for her. Years later, Davis released a memoire where he made false claims or as Clarkson said, he must have a bad memory. Clarkson has been open about all of her struggles with Davis including when she pitched "Because of You" for her very first album and he told her she's a "shitty writer and should be grateful for the gifts he bestows upon" her. She fought and the song found a slot on her sophomore blockbuster Breakaway.

She refuses autotune

Autotune in pop music is so common nowadays to clean up less than stellar vocalists' mistakes and correct pitch. Clarkson however does not need it. Coming from a singing competition, she believes in the natural sound and ability of her voice. On her fourth album All I Ever Wanted, the compromise album, she began moving away from autotuned pop tracks. Some of the album was more raw than other parts but moving on to Stronger, there's no trace of autotune anywhere as she requested none be used to focus on the talent she already possesses. Clarkson has not used autotune since that 2009 album on either of her follow-up albums nor her holiday album Wrapped in Red as well as the additional tracks on her greatest hits set such as single "Catch My Breath".

She's down to earth and is here for fans and the music

Kelly Clarkson from time to time expresses she doesn't like the fame that comes along with her job. She uses it to do good things but for Clarkson, she's remained humble and down to earth that she's easily accessible. Meeting Clarkson in person gives this vibe that she's here for one reason: the music. Clarkson has formed a strong bond with her hardcore base and many fans have become involved with the band, even gifting personal items such as homemade hats and scarves that she wears. Her personality is warm and inviting as well as humourous and that makes her steady base even more in love. One of the largest fan communities is called the Kelly Clarkson Express and in 2007 in the linear notes to My December, she gave a shout out to the group along with a dedication to a hardcore fan from the group that passed away. From time to time, the band lurks the group and gives small details as to what might be going on at a certain time.

There are many reasons why we love Kelly Clarkson but these stand out as her traits that make her so lovable.