Kelly Clarkson: 5 reasons we love her
KellyClarksonVevo via Youtube

When she won the first season of “American Idol,” Kelly Clarkson became a superstar overnight. After that attention died out, she fell out of the spotlight but returned a few years later. She has bounced back and forth between country and pop. Now that she is a new mom, Clarkson has been back in the public eye. These are five reasons we love Kelly Clarkson.

Her vocals

Kelly Clarkson has an incredible voice. Her range is quite broad, and she sounds great in country or pop. Her duet with Jason Aldean, “Don't You Wanna Stay” was a mega hit. Since then, Clarkson has put out new music. She gets plenty of air time and is one of the best sounding performers when she sings without auto-tune.

She is “real”

Authenticity is hard to come by in Hollywood. After Kelly Clarkson gave birth to her daughter, she got major criticism from some fans and the media. The baby weight didn't come off immediately and she was made to feel less than her best by comments made. Clarkson fought back against the media, and fans applaud her for loving herself.

Reba is her mother-in-law

It is pretty amazing that Kelly Clarkson is now kin to Reba McEntire. Clarkson has mentioned on several occasions that Reba was one of her favorites, and now she married into the family. She actually presented Reba with an ACM award, which is probably one of the more memorable moments between the two.

She is a great role model

When teens and young girls are growing up, they look to Hollywood. Kelly Clarkson has been someone people could look up to and not observe questionable behavior. Her image is wholesome and her lyrics can be listened to by all age groups. She has handled her career and herself in the best way possible, especially when it came to the criticism from the media.

Her fashion sense

Kelly Clarkson has always dressed modestly. Even when she was just becoming a star, she showed less skin than almost anyone else. Now that she is a mother, her wardrobe is incredibly complimentary without being too revealing. Clarkson dresses well for her body, no matter what size she is. While people may not consider her a fashion icon, she is definitely considered “well dressed.”