Kelly Clarkson and Amy Schumer kick off new season of 'Celebrity Family Feud'

On June 11 via ABC, the third season of "Celebrity Family Feud" hosted by Steve Harvey kicked off with three-time Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson and comedian Amy Schumer. The two celebrities battled it out on the game show for a chance to win $25,000 towards the charity of their choice.

Clarkson, who is known to be competitive, brought on her sister Alyssa, friend Shane, longtime friend Ashley (who has been Clarkson's makeup artist throughout her career and appears in the "Breakaway" video) and friend, as well as an assistant, Trisha. Harvey praised Clarkson for being the first "American Idol" winner in 2002 and she let everyone know that they were in the studio where it all began for the singer-songwriter.

"I'm so nervous! I don't know why!" Clarkson stumbled on her laughter. "When I talk I get nervous. When I sing I'm totally, I feel like I'm Beyoncé in my head. When I have to talk it's like 'BLAH'," she said with chuckles from the studio.

Harvey introduced Amy Schumer as the star of her own series "Inside Amy Schumer." "You a bad girl," Harvey said while giving the stand up act a high five. Schumer invited her sister Kim, brother Jason, sister-in-law Cayce and her best friend Kevin.

Clarkson and Schumer were the first to go up against the question but not before Harvey joked that one of the two "is headed to YouTube." The question: Name something a wife might do to her bald husband's head in the bedroom. Schumer was quick to reply with "rub it" scoring her team the first 53 points of the game. Going through the line of Schumer's guests, it came back to she herself and her reply caught everyone off guard with "push it down!" Clarkson is seen and heard catching what was just said and erupted in laughter. "Yes!" she shouted into the microphone.

Clarkson's team was able to steal the question with "applying lotion." One of the remaining answers out of seven came down to "sit on it/engulf it" as Clarkson pointed out Ashley had said that while Schumer looked hilariously amused.

Next in line to take the podium were Clarkson and Schumer's sisters. "At Christmas, a stripper might enter the stage dressed up as blank" was next. Schumer's sister Kim answered first with "Santa Claus" which was on the board while Clarkson's sister Alyssa answered an "elf." Clarkson's team took most of the answers until it came around the panel once more and they had three strikes. Schumer was able to steal that question with "an angel" which earned two points for a total of 90 in the round.

Through more rounds, it became apparent Clarkson's team was not going to win as Clarkson said, "We suck!" For Schumer, her wits came naturally and Clarkson remains the down-to-earth girl-next-door she's been her entire life so profession gave Schumer's team an advantage. In the end, Schumer's team took the competition after narrowly missing "sudden death" during the question "something you have to go to rather you're sick or not" with their final answer being "a wedding."

In 2016 promoting the children's book "River Rose and the Magical Lullaby," Clarkson visited Steve Harvey's daytime talk show and insisted he invite her to "Celebrity Family Feud" otherwise she would "find him because she's crazy!" The two bantered about her career and deep insights during that interview including the troubles she's had steering her career, particularly during the My December era. The chemistry between Harvey and Clarkson seemed inevitable she would be coming to his game show as he exclaimed, "Why is she on the show? She funny as hell! You need another show!"

At the time of publication, Clarkson and Schumer's episode of "Celebrity Family Feud" has no additional upcoming times but can be found on various on-demand services or by visiting the ABC website and signing into the appropriate cable provider here.

Watch Kelly Clarkson and Steve Harvey discuss her career below: