Kelly Clarkson and daughter ‘Push It’ as part of #DiabetesDanceDare challenge

When anything by Salt-N-Pepa comes on, not a single warm-blooded being can help but “Push It.” Kelly Clarkson proves this while accepting the #DiabetesDanceDare challenge from Melissa Peterman (of “Reba”) she was joined by her adorable daughter River Rose in a dance off for a great cause.

The two-year-old and her famed mom were dancing to create awareness about diabetes as part of the American Diabetes Associations campaign, and as part of the promotion, the pair challenged the whole cast of The Voice as well as Gwen Stefani to keep it going.

The way the #DiabetesDanceDare works is four-step process. First, you select a song, then you film your 23-second dance, dare three other people and share (and donate). All we have to say is that Kelly and River Rose have excellent musical taste – and killer moves.

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