Kelly Clarkson hilariously bombs singing her songs via Facebook Live, releases new covers
Kelly Clarkson/Weiss Eubanks

Last month, Kelly Clarkson announced via Facebook Live that she was now signed with Atlantic Records, moving away from longtime label RCA Records under Sony Music Entertainment. During that week-long leadup to the announcement, she covered a song each day of the week and announced the news on that Friday. She's promised that on every last Friday of the month, she will release media via and she's made good one month in.

July 29, Clarkson took to Facebook Live again to chat about what's releasing on the new site. Coming in from Starstruck Studios (her manager Narvel Blackstock's studio, Reba McEntire's now ex-husband), she and her team were working on something special for the upcoming release of Clarkson's children's book due in October. Being in a studio Team KC decided last minute to perform at the end of the broadcast with Clarkson saying, "It might go horribly wrong!"

Clarkson was right. The Texas born singer-songwriter was overly hyper, joking, and laughing as fans requested songs of hers for her to sing in the comment section of the live feed. She warned that it "might royally blow" before her assistant  Ashley Arrison-Eubanks chose Clarkson's 2012 self-penned "Catch My Breath." The 2002 "American Idol" winner is notorious for forgetting her lines even in songs she wrote and that was certainly the case during the Facebook Live stream. Asking lines to remember how the song goes, she sang a few lines from the chorus before forgetting her own words. Attempting fan favorite "Beautiful Disaster" was no better as she asked for the first word. "No! Chorus! Chorus!" she giggled singing, "If I could hold on... through the something and the laughter."

The next choice was another song Clarkson wrote with music director Jason Halbert. "Cry" is one of her deep cuts, shouting at Arrison, "You suck!" Acknowledging it's been 15 years and that she has so many songs, she had to move onto the chorus and the moved on to "Already Gone," another track Clarkson co-wrote with Ryan Tedder. Both songs both were included on the 2009 No. 1 album All I Ever Wanted. After messing up on that song as well, she laughs, "I'm going to get so much crap for this!"

The next choice is one of Clarkson's favorite songs to perform live. "Walk Away" has gone through many changes over the years and she still includes different arrangements each time she hits the road. Once again she misses a few words and shouts out, "All the songs I wrote! Seriously!"

"You're picking the ones I wrote thinking it's going to help but it's not! Everyone's like 'get there, get there' but nope!" she nervously says. "This is hard! I'm sweating! I feel like I'm on a gameshow! I win!"

Arrison chose the "mean" one "A Moment Like This" for her final try. Not only was Clarkson stumped but her musical director sitting at the piano had to take a moment to get the chords ready.

"Jason is literally sweating! He's literally got the Whitney Houston sweat!" they all laugh.

Though Kelly Clarkson bombed her live appearance, she easily and hilariously pulls it off. Fans who have come to tours know very well how forgetful and bubbly she is even when she forgets a line. No one can be upset as it is pure entertainment for a Friday morning.

For the media being released, another member of Team KC, Weiss Eubanks, put together footage from a performance of "People Like Us" from 2013's Honda Civic Tour with Maroon 5. She stated she felt it would appropriate to release this video with what is happening in the world today. Clarkson also released soundboard recordings of Patty Griffin's "Top of the World" also covered by Dixie Chicks as well as The Beatles' "Oh! Darling" admitting that her team all laughed at her because she didn't know the song and improvised on parts but pulled it off. Both Weiss and his brother Aben Eubanks, Clarkson's guitarist, are superfans of the '60s band.

During the broadcast, Clarkson also brushed up on what is happening for her upcoming record. The 2017 record was described so far as "soulful, urban, pop magic" with so many songs being worked on including one written recently with Halbert.