Kelly Clarkson releases 'I Don't Think About You' music video
Kelly Clarkson via YouTube

Kelly Clarkson has been giving new life to NBC's "The Voice" as the latest coach to join the panel among her friends. Last night, the battle rounds began and Clarkson is already showing she may have what it takes to win the season with an epic steal and pairings that put the coaches on the edge of their seats. But Clarkson still has an album to promote during the pre-taped episodes before it goes live and she follows up with a tour. On March 30, she released the video for her latest single "I Don't Think About You" following a series of teaser photos on social media.

"I Don't Think About You" is taken from Clarkson's seventh non-holiday studio album Meaning of Life, her first on Atlantic Records. This time around, Clarkson only wrote four songs on the album not having a desire to write as much as she wanted to just sing the soulful songs she recorded. Clarkson sat down with writers she had worked with previously on Meaning of Life and vented how she was feeling and the result is a track that has been linked to her former record label RCA Records - both by Clarkson and other media outlets.

In the brand new video, Clarkson tells a story of a young girl who watched her parents argue while she's feeling isolated.She then grows up and finds herself fighting with her own boyfriend before sliding down under the water in a bathtub exhausted like a subtle reference to her 2007 video for "Never Again." The woman then is sitting at a table between two businessmen with one holding a CD - a blunt jab at her previous fights throughout her career. The woman is being followed by cameras and flashing lights with an apparent need to take a breather.

Clarkson herself is seen solo in the video - dressed with stunning confidence and elegance before she is joined by shadows of those former life stages symbolically mirroring her own life.

Team KC switched gears on Meaning of Life's official second single. In December, it was announced live on "The Voice" that "Medicine" was the next single. However, that was changed and Clarkson's guitarist Aben Eubanks confirmed to AXS it had been put on hold. It may prove to be the better choice to release a ballad as it has potential to have longevity on adult radio but also let Clarkson build on her newfound freedom under Atlantic while coaching others to follow in her footsteps of putting hard work into winning a talent show only to go on to do great things.

Check out the video for "I Don't Think About You" above.

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