Kelly Clarkson releases lullaby ahead of book 'River Rose and the Magical Lullaby'
Kelly Clarkson/YouTube

Kelly Clarkson is a three-time Grammy Award winner, has starred in a musical movie (contractually obligated as she says) and has made an appearance on her own mentor and idol Reba McEntire's sitcom "Reba." Now the superstar is a published author. "River Rose and the Magical Lullaby" (Oct. 4) chronicles traveling with her first born River Rose while promoting sixth studio album Piece by Piece. Ahead of the release of the children's book, Clarkson dropped the lullaby that's included with the book.

The lyric video is backed by balloons in a colorful night sky, Clarkson's favorite page in the book as said during her Facebook Live event on Sept. 30. "Every night you lie with me/ When I wake you're still here/ I don't know if I ever could find/ Someone as kind and dear," she sings in the short 43 second nighttime song. "No one gets me like you do/ You can tell by my smile/ I'm gonna miss you so much while you sleep/ But know that I'm by your side," Clarkson coos.

The book is inspired by Clarkson's travels with River Rose as she wrote down short stories of what River Rose did in regions such as Australia and the U.K. as well as Asia. The lullaby she sang for Facebook Live and felt embarrassed since she normally sings the song in the dark to her baby girl. Fans however know that she "could sing the phonebook" and it would still inspire so her live rendition was embraced.

Clarkson now has two children, Remington Alexander (Remy for short). When the powerhouse singer-songwriter had her first, she before couldn't imagine being a mother and nor could her own mother or the fans. It changed her world for the better. She realized that being a mother was her first priority and that life is much bigger than herself. Throughout promo and touring for Piece by Piece, also writing a song about her own father in comparison how her new family is, she gushed over how adorable and comical River is. At one stop during the Piece by Piece Tour, she had to stop singing to point out a baby by the name of "Boston" and asked if she could hold him. "Oh my God, what a cutie! Do you want a wife?" she joked referring to River. Distracted she said, "I'm sorry, I just stopped singing 'Breakaway'."

Check out Kelly Clarkson announcing the book and River Rose being the star of the EPK.