Kelly Clarkson releases more live tour songs; goes Facebook Live for November 2016

Since June 2016, Kelly Clarkson has delivered Facebook Live post on the last Friday each month for fans, and has appeared at different times around the holiday season. The idea came about when she went live for an entire week covering songs that all had one thing in common--they were soulful songs and all by artists that were on the label Clarkson chose to continue her music career. The three-time Grammy winner signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records after a 14 year arranged deal with RCA Records. So for the month of November, she went live from backstage rehearsing for her annual "Miracle on Broadway" charity event she puts together which took place Dec. 16 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Dec. 15 Facebook event had Clarkson discussing the upcoming event for the majority of the speaking time then followed up with her rendition of "Blue Christmas." The track can be found on her 2013 holiday record Wrapped in Red and has her own old school country vibe to it. Even live, her voice matches the recording so well if not better and is a highlight of the album. In the previous videos, Clarkson was with minimal members of her team but this time she was backed by five people to give "Blue Christmas" the proper treatment.

"Give it up, y'all! That's just a tease! You don't even know what's comin' tomorrow! I don't know why I'm yelling at you," she rumbled. "I'm MAD about it!"

Along with performing, she is keeping her additional promise to release live songs via Included with this batch is the cover of "Hard Candy Christmas" by Dolly Parton that Clarkson performed at the 2014 "Miracle on Broadway" event. Other than the Parton cover, Clarkson's other two songs were taken from the 2015 Piece by Piece Tour but weren't fan requests she's taken for each show since 2012's tours for Stronger.

Kelly Clarkson mashed up her hit "Walk Away" with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk." The version she released however isn't one that included the crowd participation when she split have the venue to sing a "Walk Away" lick and the other an "Uptown Funk" line. Like the already released recording of "Bang Bang" from the same tour, the track puts a larger spotlight on her talented background singers. The final live recording released was "Heartbeat Songs" which led the Piece by Piece era. In that version, tour openers Pentatonix joined her on stage to open the song and add their voices throughout.

Download current songs and more found on the live website.