Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna congratulate Adele on big win at Oscars

Adele had the music world watching on Sunday night during the "85th Annual Academy Awards." The entertainer not only sang the theme song from the James Bond film "Skyfall," she took home the Oscar for that very same song. While the moment was dramatic, her colleagues who weren't at the show were sharing the love online by congratulating her on the win.

Way to go @officialadele!! Super happy for you girl! ....and awesome speech :),” tweeted Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson wasn’t the only one impressed, as others showed their support of the British singer.

Jah Reign #Adele congrats on your first Oscar,” tweeted Rihanna.

Supporting others in the music business, these artists seem to be rallying around Adele, who seems to be part of award shows of all shapes and forms these days.

While Clarkson and Rihanna haven’t had the opportunity to sing with Adele, there is no doubt that given the opportunity, these two would leap at the opportunity to collaborate with the award-winning singer.