Kelly Clarkson takes to Facebook Live early for Thanksgiving; releases two more cover songs

Since June, Kelly Clarkson has been taking to her Facebook account for a live stream to talk to fans about what's going on in her life and gives any tidbit of news she can. On Nov. 18, she spoke to fans early because of Thanksgiving in the following week. Clarkson promised fans she would appear on Facebook Live on the last Friday of every month while also giving away soundboard recordings of "fan request" cover songs she's performed on tour since 2012.

"My family's going to be here and we're going to be celebrating. And as much as I love y'all, I hope you're with your families and not celebrating with me either..." she laughed after not knowing the camera was rolling once again.

Dressed cozy and warm for the video even though it was "80 degrees in Nashville," she talked about loving winter and the decorations that husband Brandon Blackstock's mother put up while they were away from the home. To coincide with the release of her children's book "River Rose and the Magical Lullaby," Clarkson announced that the accompanying River Rose doll is now available on Amazon and in Toys R Us stores while also "rambling" about having an Amazon Prime membership because she's a "mom."

During the live broadcast, Clarkson let fans know that there is a link posted along with the Facebook Live stream where they can enter to win gift bundles and the winners will be chosen on Monday, Nov. 21. The only hint she left was that a River Rose doll might be part of one of the bundles.

Kelly Clarkson also has been singing in a majority of the live streams and the chosen song was the newly released "It's Quiet Uptown" from the Hamilton Mixtape.

"It was sent to me to see if we could rework it for this mixtape album that they have released. So we really didn't know anything about. But I will tell you is that I was almost about to pop with my son... I was about to deliver my baby and he's a boy. The song is about his son passing away and so I did cry the entire time while recording. [Musical Director] Jason did a really good job of helping me get through that," she said. "I always lose it on the last line."

Before she finally gets to the song, she remembered she forgot her guitarist's birthday a day prior (Nov. 17). In her defense she says she was decorating the children's rooms for the holiday and proceeded to sing her dear friend and often times co-songwriter "Happy Birthday" with remorse.

Singing "It's Quiet Uptown" with Jason Halbert accompanying, Clarkson's voice is rich and pure as it continues to mature. The lyrical content of the song is enough to crack anyone's heart including hers by the time she finishes. With each note so controlled and steady, once again we're reminded why her talent is loved across any genre.

Kelly Clarkson's choices for the free downloads via went country for the month. She released high quality versions of Trisha Yearwood's "Walkaway Joe" and Dixie Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces" performed in 2012 during the Stronger Tour.

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