Kelly Clarkson teases new album that's 'got a lot of sass'
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Grammy-winning pop star Kelly Clarkson recently dished some details on her still-untitled upcoming album from Atlantic Records at “The Music Ladies Speak Out” presentation during the Music Biz conference in Nashville. Per Variety, the inaugural “American Idol” winner feels a new wave of confidence in the project.

Clarkson said, “It’s got a lot of sass — like I might beat you up with my sound. My backup singers who’ve worked with me for years said, ‘It’s the first time you’ve done a record that’s, like, full-on your personality.’”

The “Since U Been Gone” singer is known for her signature powerhouse vocals and insane range. She also dabbles in a wide variety of genres including pop, R & B, soul and country. Her forthcoming eighth studio album will include each of those styles, minus country, plus a little urban mix. Clarkson credits being a mom for her recent boost in confidence. She noted, “I think being a mom has brought another level of confidence, because basically the things a mom does daily — without adding a job — is pretty insane. We’re gladiators, basically.”

The bubbly Texas native opened up on the heartbreaking title track to her 2015 chart-topping album Piece by Piece. The emotions she felt after her father left when she was a small child come tumbling out in the vulnerable lyrics. And, she brought “American Idol” judge and fellow Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Keith Urban to tears when she performed it on the “American Idol” FOX series finale.

She announced her long-term record deal with Atlantic Records last June and a firm timetable wasn’t given for her first album with the new label. However, a “soulful” direction was planned for the record’s style. The proud mom of two children will be juggling a lot of hats as the new record drops. As previously reported, she’ll be joining Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on season 14 of “The Voice.”

If anyone is qualified to mentor aspiring artists on a talent competition, it’s Clarkson, whose own rise to fame began after she became the first winner of “American Idol.” FOX’s former ratings-grabber will be revived and rebooted for a 2018 premiere via ABC.

We really wouldn’t expect anything less than a big dose of confident sass from Clarkson, who loves to sing big, empowering anthems like “Stronger” and “Mr. Know It All.” A firm release date has not yet been given for Kelly Clarkson's Atlantic debut album. Stay tuned to AXS for updates.