Kelly Clarkson to release new single "Love So Soft" on Sept. 7.

Kelly Clarkson to release new single "Love So Soft" on Sept. 7.

Kelly Clarkson/Atlantic Records via Facebook

Kelly Clarkson has been gearing up to release new music from her upcoming seventh studio album. Over the weekend, she teased a clip via social media and on Sept. 4, the anniversary of her winning "American Idol" in 2002, she released a variation of the clip featuring the title of the single that has already been listed on Mediabase for radio airplay.

"Love So Soft" is the upcoming single from the three-time Grammy winner under new label Atlantic Records. She previously was part of The Shack soundtrack which was released by the popular company and offered a taste of soulful music yet to come. The new single will also impact Top 40 radio on Sept. 12.

In the newest clip, Clarkson shows herself briefly sporting a white hat and features her background singers who were a part of the recording process. Based on the short clip, Clarkson is ready to let her talent re-emerge with a new style, a soulful style, that she has been wanting to record since her beginnings in the industry.

Amidst the excitement among fans, a low quality clip of a new song leaked over the weekend and has been quickly taken down. Lyrics were not audible but Clarkson's vocals were at the forefront and sounding strong as ever. It was not confirmed if the clip was "Love So Soft" or another track supposedly titled "Move On."

To promote the brand new single, Clarkson will appear on "The Today Show" on Sept. 8.