Kelly Clarkson visits 'Ellen' to sing 'Kelly's Karaoke' and her latest single
The Ellen Show/YouTube

The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson is using her time on the show to help promote her latest album Meaning of Life. The singer-songwriter's latest gig landed her a job she's never done - hosting an awards show. On May 20, Clarkson will be the face of the Billboard Music Awards when it moves to its new network, NBC. Until then, she's promoting her latest single "I Don't Think About You" and visited "The Ellen Show" (April 26) to give the daytime audience a taste of the ballad.

As with most musical guests, Ellen sat down with Clarkson to chat about what's going on in her life. "I love her so much!" the host said with a smile. Clarkson talked about her recent birthday (April 24) and having an L.A. style birthday, laughing about having many drinks before finding out a party was planned with dinner and then touched on "The Voice" and the latest sagas about her children River and Remy.

With Clarkson's Billboard Music Awards venture coming up, Ellen gave her a chance to brush up on her interviewing skills by bringing out a desk and a special mug for what she called "The Kelly Show." Clarkson calmly asked questions as if she had her own show (maybe she's a natural?) and the two played back and forth. Before ending her time behind the desk, Ellen joined Clarkson in "Kelly's Karaoke" in which they sang "Since U Been Gone." Clarkson took on harmonies and the crowd shocked her when they all participated on the famous line in the chorus. "Dang!" she shouted before engaging the audience throughout the song while they danced. Clarkson's bubbly personality always excites Ellen's audience with quirky comebacks and belly laughs.

Before leaving the show, Clarkson took the stage to perform "I Don't Think About You" with a new arrangement. The album version and version she's performed on other talk shows is a simple piano-led track that captures the essence of what she's trying to convey - she's been through a lot but each stage in life has led her to the person she is today and she's proud of who she is now. The new arrangement features a soulful blues-like guitar and is likely to be the version she'll take out on tour as she and her band let it evolve.

Check out Kelly Clarkson's segment singing with Ellen above and her performance of "I Don't Think About You"  below.

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