Kendrick Lamar's 'ELEMENT' music video inspires new exhibit
KendrickLamarVEVO / YouTube

The Gordon Parks Foundation in Pleasantville, New York has opened a brand new photography exhibit based on the music video for the Kendrick Lamar song "ELEMENT." The exhibit is titled ELEMENT: Gordon Parks and Kendrick Lamar and will run until Feb. 9, 2018. 

The "ELEMENT" music video references Gordon Parks' photographs directly and the original pieces that Kendrick Lamar used in this video are all on display now. The foundation mentioned how Parks work influences many young artists today, including Lamar.

The music video was actually directed by Lamar and Dave Free under the alias Jonas Lindstroem and the Little Homies. In the video, Lamar used images influenced by the Gordon Parks' artwork to examine a lot of social and racial issues that affect the United States right now. The foundation indicated that the "ELEMENT" video highlights some of today's most influential artists.

Swizz Beatz said that he was very happy that Lamar chose to use Parks work in his music video. He said that this was proof that great artists can borrow from each other to work toward social change.

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