Kenny G announces 2018 Bakersfield show

Kenny G is a lean, mean, saxophone playing machine.

He made the saxophone cool in pop music, and there was once a time (for those reading this article under the age of 25), that having a saxophonist play on a record or a live show was the symbolism of cool.

So, put it all together, and Kenny G is the personification of cool.

The “G” is short for “Gorelick,” as in Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, which is his actual name. He got his start as a sideman in the Love Unlimited Orchestra, Barry White’s backing band, when he was just 17-years old in 1973. Many were impressed with his sax playing, including Clive Davis, the head of Arista Records.

After hearing G’s rendition of the ABBA smash “Dancing Queen,” he was immediately presented with a deal from Arista in 1982. From then on, his legend only grew, with his albums selling like hotcakes and his singles, especially the 1987 classic “Songbird,” making waves on the Billboard charts.

G’s popularity has never wavered over the years, and many of today’s pop artists long to acquire his knowledge and services. Kenny G is also still recording albums and playing live shows, one of which will be at the Spectrum Amphitheatre in Bakersfield (11200 Stockdale Hwy.) this September, bringing his personal brand of “pop” saxophone playing to a throng of Southern California fans who just can’t get enough of his sweet sax playing.