Kid Rock announces non-profit to support voter registration
Kid Rock

Rocker Kid Rock has announced that he is starting a non-profit to promote voter registration, according to an announcement on the Kid Rock website on July 26. The rockstar wants fans to Rock the Vote and will use his concerts to promote his politics.

Rock teased a run for U.S. Senate two weeks ago, announcing that he would run for the Michigan seat currently held by Democrat Debbie Stabenow. The rocker would run as a Republican candidate against the incumbent.

Rock said he was overwhelmed by the response to his announcement, but wants to make sure there is sincere interest in his running as a candidate.

Noting that a lot of U.S. citizens claim to be unhappy with the government, but do not bother to vote, Rock is encouraging people to register so they can vote in the next election.

“The one thing I’ve seen over and over is that although people are unhappy with the government, too few are even registered to vote or do anything about it,” Rock stated. “We have over a year left until an actual election, so my first order of business is to get people engaged and registered to vote while continuing to put out my ideas on ways to help working class people in Michigan and America all while still calling out these jackass lawyers who call themselves politicians.”

Rock noted that there is more than a year before the next Senate election and his first order of business will be to get people registered to vote. He will be putting out his ideas on way to help working class people in Michigan and in America.

While exploring the possibility of a candidacy for U.S. Senate, Rock is creating a non-profit organization to promote voter registration. Rock will promote voter registration at his concerts, including the sales of additional merchandise to go towards the “register to vote efforts.” He will utilize the platform he has through his appearances to market his position.

In answer to critics who have accused him of using a ploy to sell merchandise, Rock said, “Since the announcement, the media has speculated this was a ploy to sell shirts or promote something. I can tell you, I have no problem selling Kid Rock shirts and yes, I absolutely will use this media circus to sell/promote whatever I damn well please (many other politicians are doing the same thing, they just feed you a bunch of bullsh*t about it).” He went on to state that the money raised by the sale of merchandise would go to the register to vote campaign.

Rock stated that there will be a press conference in the next six weeks or so, so stay tuned for further information.