King Khan to release debut solo album this fall
Khannibalism/Ernest Jenning Record Co.

After spending the last two decades being part of alternative rock’s most interesting groups, Canadian garage and souls star King Kahn is striking out on his own. As reported by Stereogum, the King Khan and the Shrines and King Khan & BBQ Show frontman announced earlier this week that he plans to release his debut solo album later this year. The record will be entitled Murder Burgers and Khan has dropped the album’s first single, “It’s a Lie” via Bandcamp.” Judging by that track, Murder Burgers will be very much in line with Khan’s established brand of low-fi, soulful rock music.

Born in Arish Ahmad Khan, the eccentric singer-songwriter got his start while performing in an assortment of Montréal-based garage rock bands in the mid-90s. In 1995, Khan and his fellow Canadian Mark Sultan formed the acclaimed garage rock two act King Khan & BBQ Show and found success outside of his native land for the first time. In 1999, Khan co-founded the psychedelic rock outfit King Khan and the Shrines, a project that finally helped the unconventional soul man break into the mainstream.

Murder Burgers’ tracklist:

1. “Discreate Disguise”
2. “It’s Just Begun”
3. “Run Doggy Run”
4. “It’s A Lie”
5. “Born In 77″
6. “Desert Mile”
7. “Too Hard Too Fast”
8. “Teeth Are Shite”
9. “Born To Die”
10. “Winter Weather”

Murder Burgers is due out Oct. 13.