Kip Moore releases new single "More Girls Like You."

Kip Moore releases new single "More Girls Like You."

MCA Nashville

Forever the underdog we all want to champion, Kip Moore is readying the impending release of his third studio album. His new single "More Girls Like You," a co-write with Steven Olsen, Josh Miller and David Garcia, sees the singer tapping into his signature high-power soul and honesty. "Well, I've been living like a wild old Mustang out in Montana fields. Might have earned me a bad reputation but never stopped these wheels from rolling and rolling too far," the gunslinger touts over thick and dusty production, akin to much of his previous work, including 2015's acclaimed set Wild Ones.

On how "More Girls Like You" fits into the new body of work (expected for a summer release), he explained to Entertainment Weekly, saying, "I think there are more flavors on this one than I’ve ever had on a record. It does have more of a happy feel than anything I’ve ever had. There are a couple heart-wrenching lyrics that I have with really happy grooves, which is kind of like the old Motown juke. Even when it’s heart-wrenching, you might be fooled when you’re singing it to thinking you’re singing something happy."

While putting together his new record, Moore released an Underground EP last fall, as a treat for his loyal fans who have been following him for years and have been itching for a follow-up. "The problem I often face is leaving behind some songs, because I never stop writing," he said about the project. "I write so many that some never see the light of day. I've been working on a full record, which looks to be coming out in late spring, but everywhere we go the fans keep asking for the recordings of these underground songs that they've been hearing for the last few years.  They're a passionate fan base so I decided to ask my label if I could record these songs live and give them the raw recordings.  These songs are completely separate from the new record I've been making, I simply made this EP for the true fans.”

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Take a listen to "More Girls Like You" below