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Kip Moore


Kip Moore turns his watchful eye to romance with his new single "More Girls Like You." As the lead sample to his upcoming, yet-untitled, new studio album, the song is an outside cut, co-written by Steven Olsen, Josh Miller and David Garcia. Over the weekend, Moore dropped the lyric video, which features a horseback ride on the beach, surfing, camping and building a life. "I've been traveling the whole world. That's the one constant that you see is what you see...a dad with their little girl or little boy. There's just something that's super special about that," the singer says in the introduction of the clip.

"A lot of people are going to take as wanting to have a kid. That's a small element of it but to me, it's more of that person that you find so amazing that you hope when you have a kid they turn out as amazing as her," he explains.

On the new album, expected later this year, he previously shared: "I think there are more flavors on this one than I’ve ever had on a record. It does have more of a happy feel than anything I’ve ever had. There are a couple heart-wrenching lyrics that I have with really happy grooves, which is kind of like the old Motown juke. Even when it’s heart-wrenching, you might be fooled when you’re singing it to thinking you’re singing something happy."

"More Girls Like You" is out now on iTunes.

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Watch "More Girls Like You" below: