Know-Madik releases 'Love's Parousia' on Aug. 8. The album is available now on iTunes.

Know-Madik releases 'Love's Parousia' on Aug. 8. The album is available now on iTunes.

Photo by Sean McCracken

Hip-hop artist/songwriter/producer Bradley Mayo (known to most as Know-Madik) is back with a brand-new body of work, infused with the same passion and lyrical mastery fans have grown to love him for. His latest album was written and produced entirely by himself and was created in hopes of contributing more positive music to the world. “I made the decision May 8, 2018, and finished the album July 8, 2018. I produced the music for all ten songs first, picking out the names of the songs as I went, then wrote lyrics, recorded and mixed them one by one. Sometimes albums are made by making 25 songs and keeping ten, but to keep it real and organic as possible, I made plans to make ten and keep them all no matter what. I feel it brought a real honest, raw feeling to the project,” the artist shared with AXS.

“Working on this album 100 percent was such a beautiful experience,” Know-Madik continued. “Every production was made from a sincere emotion I was feeling. I did my best to extract the message my soul wanted to share with this world without disrupting it with my ego, opinions, or plans; I just went with the flow. This made the writing process extremely emotional, though very rewarding. I believe I've grown even more as a person during this two-month process. I believe the thing people will like most about Love's Parousia is the start-to-finish good vibes. I think everyone will have different favorite songs. The subject matter is sincere and very down-to-earth, plus the variety of style and sounds makes it refreshing.”

As for what’s next, Know-Madik will be dropping a series of singles and starting a biweekly/monthly event called Vibes Over Genre "A Platform For Positivity." He’ll be announcing a date for the first show soon. Come September, he’s off to the UK to do some shows and spread the word about Love's Parousia. “What inspires me has always been the possibility of world peace, knowing that I can use my very diverse upbringing and empathetic understanding for things considered different,” Know-Madik added. “When I perform, I see every race and religion represented in the crowd, dancing and smiling together. In these moments we have peace. It's my dream to help these moments come to life as long as I live. There is no blueprint to what I am doing so I am making it as I go. I feel one with my purpose. I know that I survived cancer and everything else before it for a reason. I'm here to bring love back.”

Click here to check out Know-Madik’s latest single, OLIVE. The song dropped on July 18 and is a special track not included on the album.

Love's Parousia is officially out today, Aug. 8, 2018. You can find it on iTunes.

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Check out the complete track list for Love's Parousia below.

Love's Parousia

Written and produced by Know-Madik

1. “Parousia”

2. “Lift You Up”

3. “Wander”

4. “Me Time”

5. “Know Love”

6. “Promise Land”

7. “Offline”

8. “Too Nice”

9. “Forgiveness”

10. “Beginning”