Actress Kristen Stewart is working on some collaborative projects with her favorite band, Chvrches. 

Actress Kristen Stewart is working on some collaborative projects with her favorite band, Chvrches. 

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Pop culture fanatics love nothing more than when their favorite actors or actresses find themselves wandering into the world of music and vice versa. The creative worlds of the Scottish synthpop band Chvrches and current indie film princess Kristen Stewart are pretty opposite from one another, but the two could be premiering some interesting collaborative projects coming up in the near future.  

Stewart is currently making the rounds on the current press tour in support of her latest film, Personal Shopper. In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times however, the 26-year-old actress revealed that she’s working on some music-related projects with one of her favorite bands. According to the media outlet, her next directorial project will be a musically oriented piece with Chvrches for Planned Parenthood, which the actress was pretty open about.

“I had been asking them to let me do something for them for a while,” she mentioned during the interview. “They’re so good. I ended up with a pretty simple but definitive narrative arc that highlights the cause in a sweet but quiet and confronting way.”

In a different interview piece with Entertainment Weekly also published late last week, it was revealed that she had recently directed the music video for “Downside of Me,” one of the songs off the band’s last LP, 2015’s Open Every Eye.

Stewart is no stranger to entering the world of music via her cinematic roles. She portrayed the iconic rocker Joan Jett in the 2010 biopic film, The Runaways, and acted as an aspiring singer-songwriter in a more minor but impressive role in 2007’s Into The Wild.

Chvrches haven’t revealed as much as Stewart has on any collaborations that they may have coming out in the future. Actually, the trio haven't given much of an update on what they’ve been getting into at all so far into 2017, aside from a few updates via Twitter of them working in the studio for what will be their third album.