Kristin Hoffmann releases 'Amazing Space'
YouTube/Kristin Hoffman Music

Singer and producer Kristin Hoffmann recently released the title track for her forthcoming soundtrack album, Amazing Space, due this spring. The New York-based artist was tapped by filmmaker Ralph Stevens to compose the soundtrack after he fell in love with her elegant vocals. The film combines music with images of space, allowing viewers to fully experience the beauty and vastness of the universe. The project is the perfect fit for Hoffmann, whose ethereal renaissance pop compositions are more spiritual than musical.

Hoffmann’s career has spanned from major record deals and sharing the stage with The Wallflowers and Brandi Carlile, to studying with sound healing pioneer Fabian Maman and discovering music's ability to tap into listeners' higher potentials. The songstress cites Johann Sebastian Bach, Sigur Ros, and Annie Lenox as some of her influences, and her performances embrace the intellectual and soulful sides of art.

"[Sound healing] definitely influences me a lot, especially over the past five years,” Hoffmann told AXS in an exclusive interview.

I've just felt it been weaving its way into every aspect of my musical experience with others... I felt like it helped me open up to other levels of myself and my expression, so now when I’m doing a show, I no longer feel the need to compartmentalize.

“I’m enjoying drawing in all of the frequencies of music that come from the more ethereal realms where I think a lot of healing occurs—ethereal realms, classical realms,” she continued. “By bringing it all together, I’m able to tap into many more levels within myself while I’m playing, but also tap into more levels within the audience.”

Hoffmann’s newest EP is The Human Compass: New Directions, a three-track demonstration of her emotive and permeating energy, remixed by Rise of Troy. Learn more about the songstress on her website, and watch the thought-provoking trailer for "Amazing Space" above.