Kung Fu Jesus is Thor, God of Thunder, here to bring you 'Celestial Gold'
Kung Fu Jesus

Craig Snape’s bio begins like this: “Craig Snape a.k.a Kung Fu Jesus comes from The Shire in Scotland where he met Fenris the Wolf, the little Green Man, his celestial brother.” If you’re a sane person, that’s all you need to hear before heading to the interwebz to check out KFJ. If you’re some kind of monster, then just wait - there’s more. Apparently, Snape met with the Sun God Ra and The Great White Dragon Bruce Lee, who both helped him discover that he’s actually Thor, God of Thunder, sent to earth to make “super happy funked out tunes to increase the vibration and awareness of Earth and her children.” And thusly, Celestial Gold was birthed.

As you might expect, Kung Fu Jesus doesn’t dabble in garden-variety lexicons of musical experience. His forthcoming LP, Celestial Gold, rocks a hip-hop affected indie pop sound, a la Beck’s Guera or any of Damon Albarn’s projects. But then he mixes in some accordion and Afro-Caribbean vibes with verses like: “I am the God of Thunder, we fight evil, to bring back the good times, before the reign of Serpent Devil.” It feels as though you’re watching a parodic rendering of some Nordic mythological tale on a pirate ship, and everyone around you is drinking margaritas and dancing in conga lines while wearing Viking horns.

All together, Celestial Gold is like some bizarre, unceasingly buoyant dream, and somehow, Kung Fu Jesus makes it work. His matter-of-fact voice holds the drug-addled vision together; it's quite an achievement in balance. Oh and did we mention the iconoclasm? In addition to repping majestic beings like Fenris the Wolf, Double Dragons and Bruce Lee, Snape vilifies Saint Nick, castigates the ‘TV coma’ we exist in under our ‘slave nation,’ and even criticizes Kurt Cobain’s suicide. Is there nothing sacred?!

Adult Swim writers take note: Celestial Gold could be the basis for your next hit series.