Kylie Minogue gets intimate with fans in 'Stop Me from Falling' music video
Kylie Minogue / YouTube

Australian superstar Kylie Minogue premiered the music video for "Stop Me from Falling" on March 29. She revisits her string of club shows in the new clip.

"Stop Me from Falling" is the second single from Minogue's upcoming album, Golden. It follows lead single "Dancing." Her next record was inspired by country music and "Falling" fits that description the most. Guitar and thumping beats back Kylie inching ever closer to romance with a friend. "I'm here and you're just there / I can't pretend that I don't care," she sings. "Falling" is a folksy pop anthem that's easy to fall in love with.

Last month, Minogue played a few club shows in England, Spain, France and Germany where she previewed music from the Golden album. The music video for "Stop Me from Falling" shows Kylie singing the song in those intimate venues with many adoring fans cheering her on.

Minogue also released the new track "Raining Glitter" that perfectly marries the disco-tinged pop she's known for with Golden's country music edge. The album will be released on April 6. Kylie will formally tour across the U.K. starting this September.