Kylie Minogue stays 'Golden' during rainy New York City Pride Island show
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Australian superstar Kylie Minogue headlined New York City's Pride Island event on June 24. Despite the rain that night, her show still went on.

Pride Island kicked off at 2 p.m. with high-energy go-go dancers and DJs Corey Craig, Ralphi Rosario and Grind preceding Minogue's set. It was a sunny day for the most part until it was time for Kylie around 9 p.m. The weather suddenly took a rainy turn with high winds that were putting a damper on the night. Half an hour later, the rain subsided and Minogue emerged in sequined cowboy-inspired outfit while sitting in a rocking chair. The first few seconds of opener "Golden" were plagued with sound problems that the sold-out crowd filled in until her microphone worked.

Minogue then fired off her hit "Spinning Around" with sexy choreography that recalled the hot pants music video. The bad weather returned afterword. "It's a bit ironic that it's raining and my next song is called 'Raining Glitter,'" she said. Without missing a beat, the wet crowd still "Whooped!" along to the lively track and Kylie braved the rainy catwalk, including for follow-up "Get Out of My Way." The show became a full-on dance party when Minogue re-emerged in a rainbow-colored dress appropriate for LGBTQ Pride. Her performance of worldwide smash "Can't Get You Out of My Head" had everyone moving.

Mixed into Minogue's hits were songs from her latest album, Golden, like the title track and "Raining Glitter." Another tune she performed was the beautiful "Catch Me from Falling" that boasts an anthemic chant. Kylie basked in the moment when the audience heartily echoed that part of the song to her. Golden was inspired by country music queen Dolly Parton and Minogue paid homage to her with a playful cover of "9 to 5." She seemed to have the most fun on stage line-dancing with her cowboys and cowgirls to the album's lead single, "Dancing."

As Minogue was about to wrap her set, she heard the crowd's yells for more and decided to sing the sensuous "Slow" in breathy acapella with all in attendance. She then went back to plan with the closer "All the Lovers," which had a music video that she fought to keep in a scene of a gay couple kissing. With the Empire State Building glowing behind her in rainbow colors, Kylie captivated Pride Island at Pier 97 one last time. Rain or wind, the 50-year-old singer stayed golden throughout her spectacular set.



Spinning Around

Raining Glitter

Get Out of My Way

Can't Get You Out of My Head

Stop Me from Falling

On a Night Like This

9 to 5

Love at First Sight



All the Lovers

When I go out, I wanna go out dancing 💃🏽 #KylieMinogue

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