La Cerca: Wake up to Tucson band's new album 'Sunrise for Everyone'
Courtesy of La Cerca

Tucson, Arizona has a reputation for producing amazing bands like legacy acts Giant Sand and Calexico, psych drone masters The Myrrors and metal kingpins Godhunter. Add to that already impressive list the Old Pueblo-based La Cerca, a pop rock trio ready to make their mark on the national scene.

La Cerca is not new to the scene. The band has been around for 15-years, toured the West Coast relentlessly and shared stages with the likes of Snow Patrol and Spoon. Now the band has signed with Xemu Records, a hip imprint co-run by Stephen Kille (Dead Meadow, Pink Mountaintops) and that has slated La Cerca’s sublime Sunrise for Everyone album for a July 10 release.

In advance of the album release we emailed a few questions to front man Andrew Gardner, who graciously told us a bit about La Cerca and even gave us a tip as to Tucson’s best Mexican eateries. His input is below, provided exclusively to

AXS: What does the band’s name mean and how did you choose it?

Andrew Gardner: La Cerca has many different meanings, so it is hard to prefer one over the other. "La cerca" also translates to “that which is close” in Spanish, but that is an adjective. A band name is typically a noun. I prefer that the most. In Italian it means “the search.” However, mainly I like the name because it is a pretty word.

AXS: La Cerca will be playing the Desert Stars Festival in Joshua Tree, California later this year. Are any of you Gram Parsons fans? Have you gone to the spot in the park where the makeshift memorial is, or visited the hotel where he died?

AG: I do like Gram Parsons. I have not yet visited Joshua Tree, so these will be the activities to do while not rocking out or camping.

AXS: Among the other acts playing Desert Stars, who would you like to meet or catch up with?

AG: Evan Dando from The Lemonheads always remembers me, but meeting him again would turn me into a teenager for a small moment. I can't wait to see Swervedriver! I might be a teenager all weekend long!

AXS: Do you have a favorite memory from your most recent West Coast tour?

AG: In Seattle my friend Corrina made the most amazing cookies. We were sitting on the porch. I came back from fetching a few cookies and my leg fell through a hole in the porch (which I was warned about prior to) and my cookies went flying. Instead of yelling "oh my leg", I yelled, "my cookies!"

AXS: “Arizon” sounds a bit like America. Was there a conscious channeling of that band?

AG: America? Really? I haven't listened to them very much. I think the influence of Pale Saint's covering Nancy Sinatra's "Kinky Love" is more apparent.

AXS: The Xemu release of Sunrise for Everyone is actually the second go-round for the album, which initially was released locally about a year ago. With this music now getting wider exposure, does that mean that you’ll be sitting on material you’ve written in the last year for a while?

AG: Sunrise For Everyone was released a little more than locally on 12" vinyl, as (Tucson’s) Fort Lowell Records moved to North Carolina and had picked up a little more distribution. We have a ton of songs waiting for the studio and have been playing those songs out locally. We have enough new material for two more releases.

AXS: Sunrise for Everyone has been described as a “love letter to Arizona during the summertime.” Are band members Arizona natives, and what is it about Arizona in the summer that you find particularly inspiring?

AG: There are native Arizonans in the band, past and present. I am a big fan of Tucson evenings and nights in May and the first part of June. It's the cool down. I love monsoons. They make the high heat worthwhile.

AXS: Would you like to give a shout-out to other Tucson or Arizona-based bands that you like that should be on our radar?

AG: Our drummer is in a post-rock shoegaze band called Mute Swan and they are awesome! In Tempe, I like Hasty Escape.

AXS: Where is your favorite place in Tucson to have Mexican food?

AG: Too many to mention: Rosa's, Martin's Comida Chingona, Poca Cosa and just about any place south of 22nd on 4th avenue.

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