LA Kings's farm system ranked No. 1 by 'The Hockey Writers'
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Farm systems are really a team's investment in the success of their future, and the future of the LA Kings is looking very promising. In their mid-season ranking of the NHL farm systems, hockey news outlet "The Hockey Writers" ranked the LA Kings farm system at number one. Writer Josh Bell dove into the 31 NHL farm systems, placing the Los Angeles based team in the number one spot, up previously for number two.

The Kings' 2019 fifth-overall pick, Alex Turcotte, was called out by Bell as "a very well-rounded, two-way centre with elite potential." Turcotte is at the top of many NHL prospect lists and has been compared to Anze Kopitar for his ability to lead a team and play the full sheet of ice.

Alongside Turcotte, Bell called out Rasmus Kupari as a very skilled playmaker and elite skater. Bell predicts the duo "could be one of the best one-two punches in the NHL in a few years."

Defenseman Kale Clague is expected to bring some fire to the blue line as the Kings look to play a faster style of hockey. 

"Clague is a puck-moving defender with excellent skating as well," Bell stated. "As you can see, the Kings are working towards a very fast team. Clague will fit in perfectly with that. Other defenders to watch are Mikey Anderson, Jordan Spence, Kim Nousiainen and Daniel Brickley."

In the net, Bell marked Lukas Parik and Jacob Ingham as goaltenders to watch, also calling out Cal Petersen. Bell also expected that Petersen "could even challenge Quick this season."

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Josh Bell's Top Five Prospects (in alphabetical order)
Tobias Björnfot
Samuel Fagemo
Arthur Kaliyev
Rasmus Kupari
Alex Turcotte

Key Graduates/Subtractions
Blake Lizotte
Nikolai Prokhorkin
Matt Roy