Lady Gaga performs at Super Bowl LI.

Lady Gaga performs at Super Bowl LI.


The Mother of all Monsters did not hold back during this year's Super Bowl halftime show. With a bevy of chart hits to her credit, Lady Gaga performed with relish and power. Coming off last year's star-studded lineup of Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, the pop singer had her work cut out for her. Beginning with an a cappella rendition of "God Bless America" and decked out in a space-age, bedazzled one-piece, she framed glorious live vocals underneath the starry night. "Liberty and justice for all," she quoted the Pledge of Allegiance before plummeting from the rooftop and coming full-stop with a clip of "Edge of Glory" and "Poker Face."

Gaga then continued pulling out the big guns. "Born This Way," an empowering LGBT anthem from her 2011 album of the same name, came next. A backdrop of dancers, ranging from men and women, black and white, joined her. The high-energy "Telephone"--um, where's Queen Bey?!?!--and  "Just Dance" came next, as Gaga made the rounds through the field. She then took to the piano for "Million Reasons," an emotional ballad off her new record. The arena glowed with feverish candlelight as fans lifted flickers of hope into the darkness. The rock-glam show then segued into a rousing performance of "Bad Romance," arguably Gaga's biggest career hit. When the song crescendoed into the final notes, fireworks blasted off into the sky, an apt bookend to one of the best halftime shows in recent memory.

Prior to kickoff, the original Schuyler Sisters from "Hamilton"--Phillipa Soo, Renée Elise Goldsberry, and Jasmine Cephas Jones--joined together to deliver a stunning performance of "America the Beautiful."  Country singer Luke Bryan then took the stage for the National Anthem, which you can watch now on

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Lady Gaga is currently promoting her fifth studio album, the indie-leaning Joanne. The record follows 2013's Artpop and sees the singer stripping away the theatrics for a more organic collection. Her current single is the country-influenced "Million Reasons," co-written with Nashville songwriter Hillary Lindsey. “I wrote this song with a Nashville native, Hillary Lindsey," Gaga told the crowd about the song on the Nashville stop of her dive-bar tour last fall. “We sat on a couch together, and we were going back and forth, guitar and piano, and we were going, ‘Why these men, you know?’ All these men — my dad, my boyfriend, all the men in my life — they gave me a million reasons [to leave], but I just need one good one to stick around but you’re giving me a million to walk away."

Watch Gaga's halftime show below: