Lady Gaga releases new version and video for single 'Joanne'

Lady Gaga is giving her fourth full-length LP another go with the release of single "Joanne," the title track to the album dedicated to her aunt who passed away from the auto-immune disease lupus when she was a mere 19 years old. Released on Jan. 26, "Joanne" evolved from a folk track on the album to a piano ballad on the heels of the 2018 Grammy Awards held on Jan. 28.

The video for "Joanne" is reminiscent of the 70's era both in look and as a songwriter. Gaga's evolving maturity and artistry are captured through a simple production that focuses merely on her vocals and an ability to tell a story wrapped in nostalgia.

"Joanne," newly subtitled "Where Do You Think You're Goin'," was written and produced by Gaga and Mark Ronson, both of whom executive produced the entire album. The somber track was meant to be a comfort to those who have lost someone special and both the album version and the brand new piano recording capture a resonating moment mankind all experiences. In addition, Gaga is making a donation to the Lupus Research Alliance in honor of her aunt according to her social media post announcing a sneak peak at the new version.

Lady Gaga's album Joanne is up for a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. Should she win the category, she will join only Kelly Clarkson and Adele for winning the category more than once (Clarkson's Breakaway and Stronger, Adele's 21 and 25). Clarkson still holds the record for most nominations in the category with four with a misconception Justin Timberlake has more (each 20/20 Experience part was considered one whole project at the Grammy Awards while also having a nomination as part of the group N'SYNC).

Watch and listen to the new version of "Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin')" above and tune into the Grammy Awards live on Jan. 28 on CBS.