Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI halftime performance isolated mic feed leaks

It's been over two weeks since Lady Gaga wowed the world with her Super Bowl LI halftime performance and it's still being talked about across social media and official outlets. She ranked second most watched via television viewers at 118 million just behind Katy Perry and recently, the NFL announced her performance was the most-watched musical event in history with 150 million unique viewers across all platforms. While she impressed with jumping off the stadium and fiercely moving throughout a 13 minute set, the isolated vocals from the mic feed has hit the internet and it's wowing fans even more.

The isolated vocals show off just how talented Gaga really is. Her capability to perform with such energy and still maintain a strong vocal during one of the biggest events of the year makes a statement to her excellence as an artist. While others struggle to keep up with breathing while moving so rapidly, Gaga has solid control as she has demonstrated time and time again during her elaborate concert shows.

Over the years, Lady Gaga has shown off what her voice is capable of since hitting the mainstream music scene. Her debut album The Fame was littered with autotune for an electronic effect but she slowly worked her way into a bonafide artist as her following records lacked autotune other than for specific effects. It was 2011's Born This Way that she really showcased how strong her voice is on songs such as "The Edge of Glory" and "Yoü and I."

Gaga then worked with legend Tony Bennett in 2014 on the duo's album Cheek to Cheek which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. Gaga had the chance to really sing in a style she had not put forth in mainstream other than a previous track the two recorded for Bennett's Duets album.

In 2016, Lady Gaga finally released her fourth full-length LP Joanne and it was anything but what she became known for. The music was stripped down in an indie folk rock and pop styling and highlighted what her voice can do on songs such as the title track, "Million Reasons" and the funky "A-YO." While it strayed from her typical electronic vibe, she shifted gears to show a different side that wasn't about theatrics or studio magic. "Reasons" was also performed at the Super Bowl and listening to her voice isolated is a treat for fans and those who have become new fans, validating Gaga as an authentic artist in this generation of music.

As noted, the performance helped Lady Gaga's sales increase as expected with Joanne blasting back into the top 5 on the Top 200 Albums chart at No. 2 and "Million Reasons" hitting its highest peak since release at No. 4.